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Communications orales


Petit, N., Prado, J., Noveck, I. (2022, Oral communication). Setting some tables. How response times in an action-based paradigm can inform theories of scalar implicatures development. XPrag conference (Pavia, September 2022). DOI:


Petit, N.. A turning point in metaphor development? Sudden improvement and changes in cognitive scaffolding. Young Investigator Training Program workshop, November 9, 2021, Pavia.


Communications affichées


Mengarelli, F., Petit, N. (2022). French adaptation and validation of the Assessment of Pragmatic Abilities and Cognitive Substrates (APACS-Fr). XPrag conference (Pavia, September 2022). DOI:


Petit, N., Prado, J., Georgieff, N., Geoffray, M.M., Noveck, I (2021). The TIPi (Test des Inférences Pragmatiques informatisé): A new assessment tool for pragmatic inferences in children with autism spectrum disorders and other neurodevelopmental conditions. 3rd conference, Torino, Italy, 8-9 July 2021. DOI: